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FONSECA & ASOCIADOS is a well renowned Law Firm within our Country and also Internationally. Our areas of practices are offshore Company and Private Interest Foundations structuring, Immigration Programs, Litigation, Merge and Acquisitions, Maritime and flag Ship Registration, Banking Law, Real Estate Investments, agrarian law and many others with exception of Criminal Law.

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Panama is in fact one of the best residency deal today. For a tolerable price the benefits are unmatched. In addition, Panama has place the most attractive program of special benefits for foreign residents and retirees. As an eligible "Pensionado", you will be entitled to considerable discounts off the already mercifully low costs of living in Panama.

Our relatively light system of tax and business regulation, our stable Us. dollar economy and a benevolent political system makes Panama a striking proposition for anyone who is currently planning his run away from the high tax countries of North America and Europe.
The Own-Economic Solvency Visa is designed for entrepreneur and persons who wish to obtain a residency in our country.